The Firm



    BUILDING CONCEPTS was founded in 1999, by the husband & wife duo of Er. Rajesh Sivan & Ar. Shyna Rajesh, with a strong commitment to both the art and science of Architecture.
    Since then we have designed a wide range of projects ranging from,

    • Residential villas to High rise Apartments
    • Clinics to Hospitals
    • Community halls to Convention Centres
    • Resorts to Star Hotels
    • Schools to Campus designs
    • Office buildings to Multi-use Commercial complexes
    • Ashrams to Places of worship
    • Land development proposals to Master planning
    • Interiors to Custom Furnitures

    This diversity in our practice gives us the ability to solve complex architectural challenges.
    At Building Concepts, we believe that Architecture is a fusion of Art and Science. Apart from its sculptural form, a building also has many functional and environmental implications. It is therefore our continuing aim to design buildings with a balance of Architectural interest, Style and Functionality. We are committed to create strong and successful working relationships with our clients. We believe we can bring out the best in each other.
    For us every client and site is unique. Good architecture grows out of the opportunities found in an imaginative response to the particular combinations of client and context. Rather than specialising in a building type or style, we respond to clients of widely varied tastes and needs and have established a reputation as designers of distinguished buildings.
    We work in a team environment, to enable the exploration of solutions, to unlock the full potential of our mutual endeavours. We maintain close personal control over every project, with the support of a strongly committed Design & Project management team.
    Building concepts was formed to service clients who believe that in a world of limited resources, paring down to the essentials can bring value and style to homes, the community, and the environment. We believe that the built form is permanent. We, therefore, carry on a responsibility not only to our clients and users of our buildings but to the community at large.